Session Details

The format of Wednesday Wintervals & Summer Fell Training is very simple. There are 2 parts; the first part focusing on technique and drills and the second part focusing on getting your heart thumping and legs pumping! 

If you have any questions about this please feel free to get in touch.
Week 1


Each week will have a focus (it might not be in this specific order!)
  • Learning to improve our basic speed. 
  • -Shorter & faster repetitions
  • -Longer recoveries
Week 2


This session focuses on:
  • Improving our ability to tolerate lactic acid. This will be aimed at improving your running at distance over 5k. 
Wednesday Winterval Week 3


This session focuses on:
  • Conditioning, power and technique.
  • Trying to bullet proof our bodies to keep niggles and injuries at bay.